About Me

Hey! I’m Elise Gilmore!

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Picture by Rebecca Finley

I have been married to my husband for six years and we have two rambunctious boys. We live in upstate South Carolina where my husband works for a non-profit organization and I stay home with my boys.

Here are some fun facts about me and my life:

We currently live in a tiny house (655 sq. ft.). And, yes, sometimes I think we were crazy to take this job that put four of us in such a small space. It has actually been good to rid ourselves of some stuff that we had accumulated over the years.

I majored in youth ministry in college and have a special love for ministry to teenagers. I have taken a step back from the youth group for a time, but look forward to getting back into that ministry when the time is right. I also have a special love for women’s ministry and am on the leadership for my local MOPS group. (If you are a mom of littles-under age 6-looking for a group, you can find us here!)

I love to read! Sometimes I find it difficult to try out new authors, but I have been stretching myself in this area. I am trying to read a balance of fiction and non-fiction books this year. If you need some reading inspiration, you can check out this post.

I love to dance! I took classical ballet for 12 years starting at the age of 7. I also love other types of social dancing such as shag, contra, and English country, and line dances.

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