A Family Shaped By Grace

Have you ever spent a holiday with your family and wondered why it felt like such a chore? Do you find yourself walking on eggshells around certain family members because you aren’t sure how they might respond to you? Are there some people in your family that you avoid because being around them is too challenging?

If so, know that there is a better way, and it’s all about grace!

A Family Shaped by Grace is a new book coming out on June 6th that I have had the privilege of reading before it’s release. Gary Morland, the author, had a crumbling family. Finally, he got to the point where he wanted to do something different. His way wasn’t working. He started attending Bible study and met a man named Harold. This man would slowly, patiently love on Gary and teach him a better way to relate to and bless his family. This book is about the things he learned. They have helped him have a family shaped by grace instead of duty, anger, fear, or disappointment.


What I love about this book is the practical ways Gary gives you to gently change how you view your family and how you relate to them. If you are at all invested in a family (which is everyone) or working with families in a professional way (teachers, pastors, counselors, social workers, etc.), this book is for you!

P.S.-Right now, the book is 40% off if you pre-order on Amazon or Barnes and Noble! Purchase your copy now if you want to get along with the people in your life who matter most!


Baby Blueberry – 12 Weeks

(Sorry this is a bit late. I was 12 weeks on Friday, June 13th)

How far along? 12 weeks. BB is approximately the size of a plum, about 2.1 in. and .495 oz. Almost all of the baby’s systems are fully formed.

Total weight gain? The scale I bought didn’t work. Whenever we would step on it, our weight would change from one time to the next, so I threw it away.

Maternity clothes? I still need pants, but I can still wear regular tops, but they are getting a little short.

Movement? Still too early for that.

Miss anything? my energy, staying up a little later when friends come over, lunch meat, white rice

Food cravings? fries

Have you started to show? I’ve started to show. You can’t see it from the front necessarily, but if I turn to the side, you can see a little bump. (though this week’s picture seems smaller than last week’s)

Sleep? I can’t get enough of it!

Looking forward to? Hearing something about our house this week. We are scheduled to close June 25th, and we’re hoping the USDA paperwork will come through by then and all the repairs will be done by then as well.

Symptoms: Fatigue, lots of extra mucus and flem, moodiness (I was emotional before pregnancy, so this isn’t helping), back pain, hungry more often, sore breasts, back pain, itchy skin (sometimes)

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but I don’t think that will last very long!

Gender? We should find out sometime in August at my 20 weeks ultrasound. (I think it’s a girl.)

Best moment this week? Taking care of my sweet husband on Thursday. He sprained his ankle (which isn’t fun), so I took him to the doctor. Then, I got medicine and another brace. We went home and ate Zaxby’s for lunch, watched Friends, and cleaned up the house a bit. These are my favorite moments in marriage-just living regular life out together.

What do I know? I know that I love my choice to go with a midwife. ‘Midwife’ means “with woman”, so the entire philosophy behind midwifery is that they remain with you for the duration of your labor and delivery. I love that I will have their constant support and expertise during those critical stages. I also know that a water birth sounds amazing!

Note to the Blueberry: Dear Blueberry, I can’t decide if you are a boy or a girl. Either way, you will be a delight. Sure, you’ll spit stuff up on me, and poop in the bath, right after I finish cleaning you. You will say ‘no’ a lot and won’t listen to what I tell you to do sometimes. You will make me angry, and sad, and happy. Sometimes all at the same time. But you are a delight. You are a gift from the Lord. I hope you will learn that quickly, and never forget it. I love you already!



Elise (and BB)